It’s The Start Of Something New

It’s The Start Of Something New

Reflecting back on English 131.01 I have noticed the many different genres and aspects that were covered in class by professor Lucas. This class showed me how important it is to become a critical thinker and that a piece of writing is never finished but nearly abandoned. The two major pieces of writing that we read were “Swing Time” and “Serafina and the Black Cloak”. While these piecing’s of writing were good, I was mainly drawn to a small excerpt of “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation”.

My English 131.01 class not only helps me in my everyday things but also in other classes. I am in a First Year Experience class based on technology and by us reading about how smartphones can destroy a generation really helped me think critically not only in English but also in the real world and even in my first year experience class. “The teenage generation has lost their touch with reality and relationships, and stresses that they need to stop and take in what they are doing and where they are” (Twenge). This quote just alone has helped me think more critically about my own life and how much technology I use and I was even able to help other students think more about what they do.

Workshop essays will be a word that will always haunt me. I believe that your worst critics will be your peers. My paper being read out loud in front of the whole class then other students commenting on it was very stressful for me but helped me learn in a big way. I was able to notice mistakes that I looked over and was even given ideas on how to make my paper into a larger piece of writing. Also, I enjoyed having to make our own blog page. I may not be the best writer but just thinking that someone could possibly be looking at what I post on my blog is so amazing. This also made me become a better writer just because I know that my classmates would be seeing and commenting on my writing so I took more time to make it as good as it could be. By doing a workshop essay and posting to my blog I would have to say that I have become a much more confident writer.

The end of my first year of college is approaching and I can proudly say I am a much better writer and critical thinker because of English 131.01. There were times when I thought that I was not going to get through it all but in the end I accomplished all that I set my mind to.  All in all,  I would love to thank Professor Lucas for pushing me to become the best version of me.

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Professional NFL players have a problem with fear and surprisingly it plays a big role in their lives. It all starts with players on the team Washington Redskins and how one play, even if it is only five seconds can go so wrong. In just five seconds a players career is over. Joe Theismann who is the quarterback of the Washington Redskins gets tackled and is severely injured. All in all, even men who seem to be all tough are scared of being tackled and losing the ability to do what they love.


Richtel, Matt. “Blogs vs. Term Papers”, 2012

Matt Richtel makes a good point in stating how writing blogs are easier than writing papers just because of the length. Most people would rather read a blog rather then a term paper just for the simple fact that it would be more interesting and also again, the length would not be long so whomever the reader is they would not lose interest. High schoolers come to college unprepared on how to write a paper the write way or even how to post a simple blog post. Now, professors are focusing on helping upcoming college students with their papers.


Collins, Billy. “The History Teacher”, 2003

A history teacher tries to protect the innocence of his students. For example, he mentions how the Ice Age was really called the Chilly Age and people just had to wear sweaters. Also, this could be a way the teacher helps the young kids understand history better or even be more interested in it. This History Teacher is fun.


Twenge, Jean M. “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation”, 2017

Twenge talks about how today’s generation is influenced by nothing but technology. Teenagers, and even adults are glued to their cellphones. He referred to this generation as iGen and stated that yes we may be safer than earlier generations but our minds are going down the drain. We are so consumed with technology that it does all of the thinking for us.


Collins, Billy. “Snow Day”, 2001

Billy Collins talks about what students do when it snows. Everyone goes out to play in the snow. Collins states in stanza 7, “trying to hear what those three girls are plotting, what riot is afoot”. The author makes it sound like something bad might happen but if you read farther into it you notice that he is just talking about a snowball fight.


Kichener, Caroline. “Why So Many Adults Love Young-Adult Literature”, 2017

Professors say that adults read young adult literature to escape from their world. They are interested in fantasy, or love. On the other hand, Zimmerman does not agree. It is said that they read Young-Adult literature to escape to a world different then their own. Adults usually are interested in dark and serious books rather than a fantasy about love. “YA is just another portal into another aspect of our world”.



Getting into the Swing of things

The novel Swing Time, is based on two girls who dream every day and every night about becoming dancers. Tracey is the name of one of the girls who dreams about being a dancer and quite frankly she is the only one who has real talent. As for the other girl, we do not know her name and never will because of the way Zadie Smith wants us to view the novel and how the characters play a role in it. Zadie Smith makes the choice of writing the entire novel in first-person and it makes the reader think so much more about the character and who they could become.

By Zadie Smith writing in first-person she makes the novel easier to understand. Also, by the narrator talking with words from a first-person perspective makes the reader feel as if she or he has a real connection with the novel. For example, “Books had begun to enter my life. Not good books, not yet, still those old showbiz biographies that I read in the absence of sacred texts, as if they were sacred texts, taking a form of comfort from them, though they were hack work done for quick money, barely given a second thought by their authors, surely, but to me, important” (pg.121). This quote helps the reader connect with the narrator even without knowing her name. On the other hand, even if you did not connect with the narrator you might could have connected with some of the events she went through or even connected better with some of her friends. In the end, it all comes back around to the no name narrator.

Mothers and Fathers also play a role in this novel. There was many times where the narrator, Tracey, or some other character had an interaction with their parents whether it being good or bad. I feel as if the narrator’s mother cared either more or just in a different way than any other mothers. For example, there was a part in the book where the narrator mentioned that all parents hated going to an event called “parents’ evening”. The parents related it with detention just because they did not want to go. The narrator’s response about her mother was “I say ”our mothers,” but of course mine was different: she had the anger but not the shame. She went to parents’ evening, always” (pg.42). The narrator’s mother was also not just kind to her own daughter but also to other individuals. In the novel there was talk about how one of the narrator’s friends was going through a tough time but her mother was still very supportive. “Maybe you’ll dance together one day!” said my mother into the silence, which was the kind of maternal ianity in which she was very rarely indulged” (pg.45). This last quote was what the narrator’s mother had replied to her friend whose name was Emma. Some parents may be more caring then others but in the end they all play an important role in our lives.

All in all, Zadie Smith wrote a phenomenal novel. This novel covers so many topics from history, culture, race, and of course dance. By writing in a first-person perspective makes many more people interested in reading this novel and pulls in the reader which makes them feel as if they are apart of something special. Many wish they could have known who the narrator was but with so many other amazing characters it gets lost in the hustle of things.

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Swing Time



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Oh the places you’ll go…

My name is Danielle Walker and I am a freshman at Lenoir-Rhyne University. One thing I love to do is travel. What I love most about traveling is that you get to see and learn what other people love about their home town. This past summer I was fortunate enough to go on multiple trips such as the beach, the mountains, and even a trip to Disney World. If I had to pick my favorite trip it would have to be my trip to Disney World. I was able to ride an endless amount of rides and meet Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and even Pluto. It has been said that Disney World is a place for little kids and if that’s the case then I must be a little kid at heart. It was a whole week of just fun and relaxation and I cannot wait to visit again. I hope to travel to many more places in my life but Disney World will always be my favorite.